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TECNO Mobile announces a 5-year initiative to renovate 100 football fields across Africa

TECNO Mobile has launched a ground-breaking project to rehabilitate 100 football fields throughout AFRICA over the next five years in a daring and visionary step.

This was, on Thursday, announced by the Independent Newspaper in Nigeria.

This massive initiative demonstrates TECNO’s unwavering dedication to the spirit of football and aims to improve community infrastructure while promoting the beautiful game.

Notably, TECNO’s commitment to the game was demonstrated by its recent sponsorship of the recently finished AFCON 2023, where the company made a lasting impression on the world of football.

When TECNO Mobile proudly supported the just finished AFCON 2023, the brand’s affinity with football reached new heights.

As a well-known sponsor, TECNO gave supporters a way to enjoy the excitement of the game in addition to demonstrating its dedication to sportsmanship.

TECNO’s AFCON sponsorship was more than simply a publicity stunt; it was evidence of the company’s faith in the ability of football to spark passion and bring people together.

Building on the excitement and fervour created by the AFCON sponsorship, TECNO has started a revolutionary project to rebuild and improve football fields in a variety of localities.

Renovating 100 fields in Africa over the next five years is TECNO’s concrete commitment to encouraging a passion for the game at the local level.

TECNO’s plan offers a comprehensive approach to community development, going beyond simple field renovation.

TECNO seeks to provide football grounds that are up to date, well-maintained, and promote physical exercise, talent development, and a sense of community pride.

These grounds serve as social gathering places where friends and family can get together to enjoy good sportsmanship.

Being a name associated with state-of-the-art technology, TECNO applies its inventiveness to the football pitch.

The redesigned fields will have cutting-edge features and contemporary solutions, supporting TECNO’s goal of bringing technology to all facets of life, including sports.

The brand’s steadfast faith in the transformational potential of football is demonstrated by TECNO’s sponsorship of AFCON 2023 and its commitment to rehabilitate 100 football fields.

TECNO extends an invitation to anyone to be a part of this incredible journey as the fields transform over the next five years.

This adventure transcends the confines of athletics to have a lasting effect on local communities, establishing a legacy of enthusiasm, solidarity, and pride.

Football is a bridge that unites people’s emotions and creates a legacy for future generations in TECNO. It’s more than simply a game.


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