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Reginald Daniel Laryea Chairs GFA Awards Committee

The Executive Council has appointed Reginald Daniel Laryea, a businessperson and Board Chairman of the Ghana Oil Company (GOIL) as Chairman of the GFA Awards Committee.

Reginald Laryea has been the head of 7 different companies and currently is Chairman at Ghana Oil Co. Ltd., Chairman of Scanad Ghana Ltd., Chief Executive Officer at Media Majique & Research Systems Ltd. (a subsidiary of Scanad Ghana Ltd.), Chairman for Tsunami Axis Ltd., Chairman for Fossies Logistics Ltd. and Chairman for Ogilvy Ghana Ltd. He previously occupied the position of President for the Advertising Association of Ghana.

The Vice Chairperson of the Committee is Nana Afrakoma Brakohiapa, a former Business Development Manager at Holiday Inn Hotel, Accra.

Other notable names on the Committee are former Board Member of Asante Kotoko and Chief Executive Officer of Hasaacas Ladies, Evelyn Nsiah Asare, Owner of Cheetah FC Abdul Hayee Yartey and Football Administrator Elleony Amande.

The Committee will be responsible for the organization and execution of the GFA Awards at the end of every season.

The Committee members are as follows:

1. Reginald Daniel Laryea- Chairman
2. ⁠Nana Afrankoma Brakohiapa – Vice Chairman
3. ⁠Evelyn Nsiah Asare – Member
4. ⁠Nana Obiri Yeboah – Member
5. ⁠Abdul Yartey – Member
6. ⁠Elleony Amande – Member


The GFA Awards Committee shall select and present awards to individuals or clubs who have contributed significantly to the sport of football.

The duties include:

a) Develop and publish guidelines for the annual football awards scheme.

b) Develop a marketing and communications strategy for the awards scheme, encompassing brand reach, sponsorships, media engagements, feedback, and public relations.

c) Conduct regular stakeholder engagements aimed at elevating the value and prestige of the awards scheme, ensuring clarity and understanding of award criteria by nominees and the public.

d) Publish the Awards scheme panel/board of judges and criteria.

e) Periodically review and adjust award categories to reflect the evolving landscape of Ghana football.

f) Monitor sponsor satisfaction, ensuring sponsors are content with their involvement and visibility in the awards.

g) Submit financial reports assessing the efficiency and sustainability of the awards scheme.

h) Provide the Executive Council with a comprehensive committee report on all events and activities annually.

i) Develop and continuously refine/update Awards Policy/Scheme for End of-Season Awards.

j) Conceptualize and execute major and official GFA Events.

k) Ensure timely procurement, availability and deployment of critical resources required for organization of End-of-Season Awards Event and other major and official GFA Events.

l) Work with GFA Marketing Department to ensure delivery of any relevant commitments to sponsors/partners and general brand feel of End-off Season Awards program and other major and official Events.

m) Prepare and ensure adherence to Activity Schedules [for major and official Events as well as End-of-Season Awards event].

n) Work with GFA Communications Department to effectively promote End of-Season Awards as well as other major and official Events.

o) Review every Event executed with a view to identifying key learning points to enable continuous improvement in conceptualization and execution of GFA Events.

p) Prepare and present periodic reports to GFA Executive Council covering all aspects of Committee’s activities.

q) Prepare and regularly update [where relevant] Events Planning Manual.

r) Organizing award ceremonies.

s) Present or select those to present awards at the awards ceremony.

t) Develop and maintain the criteria for the selection of award winners.

u) Encourage submission of nominations.

v) Evaluate nominations and select winners.

w) Ensure fair, transparent and inclusive presentation of awards.



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