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Ghana football icon Anthony Baffoe set to deliver at Football Access Summit slated for Egypt

Ghana Football icon Anthony Baffoe has been earmarked as one of the speakers for the upcoming Football Access Summit to take place in Egypt later this month.

Tony, as he’s affectionately called, together with other football icons and technical personalities will be addressing the world on the significance of the administrative and organizational angles of the game.

Slated for 16th and 17th February 2024, the two-day summit will be hosted in Egypt at the Zed Park, Sheikh Zayed Branch.

This summit, which is being hosted by the Third House, seems to be a crucial investigation of the organisational, managerial, and technical aspects of the sports sector.

Tony will be accompanied by other esteemed football figures, such as Dr. Ashraf Sobhi, the current minister of sports in Egypt, former Egypt FA President Hany Abo Reida, and Youri Djorkaeff, a 1998 World Cup winner and former France international who serves as a FIFA Senior Football Advisor.

The summit is expected to attract participants from a range of sports clubs, worldwide and regional sports federations, university students, and enthusiasts with a strong interest in the global sports sector.

A wide range of representatives from FIFA, CAF, and well-known sports leagues including LaLiga, NBA, and Serie A will be present at the summit.

When combined, these powerful individuals create a knowledge powerhouse that personifies the spirit of cooperation at the heart of the Football Access Summit’s objectives.

The conference will reveal the most recent advancements in the sports sector, going beyond just a get-together. Attendees will have access to exclusive job possibilities from partnering organisations, providing them with a unique networking opportunity.

There will be approximately 70 presenters sharing their knowledge on the technical, administrative, marketing, and organisational facets of the international sports sector, representing a variety of countries.

The summit’s organiser, The Third House, specialises in producing one-of-a-kind and remarkable event experiences.

Throughout the conference, the organisation encourages creativity and engagement by utilising design thinking and client input from concept development to execution.

The Football Access Summit offers a singular chance for professionals in the business, sports fans, and students to participate in vibrant debates, acquire knowledge from international authorities, and add to the ever-changing sports industry scene.


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