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Ghana FA President Kurt Okraku urges supporters to desist from booing players

President of then Ghana Football Association – Kurt Edwin Simeon Okraku – has urged Ghanaians football loving fans to desist from booing players during football games.

The culture of booing players during games is gradually creeping into the Ghanaian football space but the president believes that not Ghanaians in nature and must not be encouraged.

He argues that Ghanaians are generally loving and caring people and that must translate into how they support games instead of antagonising players on the field.

The President’s call was necessitated after fans booed striker Mukarama Abdulai during Ghana’s clash with Tanzania in the Women’s Football Competition at the African Games.

In a game Ghana won by 2-1 with Mukarama scoring the winner, fans at the Cape Coast Stadium charge against the U20 girl for missing some chances.

Expressing his unsatisfactory remarks on the behaviour of the supporters, the Ghana FA President took to Facebook to call on fans to desist from attacking players.

“THIS MUST STOP!” he said.

“We are a football loving country. A country that traditionally supports and loves our players in good times and in bad times.

“Ghana is not a football country that is hostile to its players. However, in recent times, a bad culture seems to be gaining grounds where a few of our fans boo our national players. I mean players who volunteer to represent our country.

“This is NOT Ghana and this culture has to be rejected,” he encouraged.

“In recent times, some of our players including Abdul Baba Rahman and from yesterday’s game in cape coast, striker Mukarama Abdulai (Black Princesses) have been booed by some few Ghanaian football fans .

“My appeal is that let’s stay together as Ghanaians at all times and let’s support our players in good times and in bad times. This is NOT a good habit!!!!” he concluded.

Like bush fire in the harmattan, the President’s post caught attention and has become the topic being discussed on all radio shows.


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